The Pentland Graphics, Inc. ( Story

It All Started With a Passion, a Dream and a Loan From Mom

The doors of Pentland Graphics, Inc. swung open for business in March of 1987 when I started with a $2,000.00 loan from my Mother, Beverly. My father, Jack Pentland Smith worked for United Artists movie theaters at the time, and he talked his boss into allowing me to rent the small storefront attached to the movie theatre in Westwood, New Jersey. It cost just $100.00 per month back then! Can you believe it? I always knew that I was meant to design and print t-shirts because I had a real passion for it.

Things went pretty well. I was able to buy some nice equipment and I landed a big account with a ‘fella that hired my company to print t-shirts for his mail order business. The little storefront soon became too small, and I moved Pentland Graphics out of its little location in 1990 to another spot in Westwood – a 3,000 square-foot shop… lots of space (which meant much higher rent and sizable heating bills!), but business was FUN, challenging and I met so many great customers along the way. In fact, many of them are still customers to this day.

Come Hell or High Water

Then in September of 1999, the storm came… Hurricane Floyd… 8 feet of water, fish flopping on my office floor… all of our computers, inventory, screen printing machines and 6-headed embroidery machine… all gone. A sharp stick in the eye might’ve been better!

So, for the first time in 14 years I took a long vacation and was faced with a difficult decision… Now what? I’ll tell ‘ya… I kept hearing my parents’ favorite saying over and over again in my head… “Grab the bull by the horns!”

So I did. Three months later, I found a smaller (but pretty perfect) location a few miles north, at 104 Broadway in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey. We were back in business! And this is where we are now, eleven years later. We’ve got fantastic screen printing equipment, the latest computer technology (Mac only, baby!), and a brand-spankin’ new embroidery machine.

So that’s our story, so far. Twenty five years later, “come hell and high water” (literally), I still love this job and this business. Customer service is and always will be our #1 priority, which is the reason we’ve not only been in business for 25 years, but also why we have the highest customer retention rate in the industry.

Pentland Graphics Launches

You can probably imagine just how excited I am to launch I really love that we can now offer custom t-shirt design capabilities online because I know how much fun that is – one of the many reasons that I personally fell in love with this business so long ago. It’s amazing to see the ideas in your head appear right before your eyes. If you can dream and design it, we can print it.

Everyone has a little artist inside, and we’re proud to help bring those ideas to life, hand printing each piece with TLC. T-shirts are canvases with sleeves. Now, unleash your inner artist.